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Ok, so the more I got thinking about it, the more I thought the prize could be a little higher.

So, now what I propose is making the monthly prize  a GiftCard to Aboveground Art Supplies for 20$!

Utama is pitching in 10$ for each contest, and I'm going to chip in the other 10$, bringing it to a full 20$. I understand what its like being a student (ya know with no extra moneys to spend), so I figured this would make it easier on you guys :).  

Plus, as you are post secondary students, you get 10% OFF if you show a student card (so its like a 22$ gift card ><). But make sure to bring your card every time!

I will also add some more references I have from the last two posters today, just so you guys have some more to work with :)!

Also, I forgot to mention where you can post your finals....You can post them either to or to the forums in the Artist Alley thread under Monthly Art Contest (Sept-Oct.)

Now Get Drawing :D!!!!!!
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Submitted on
September 27, 2010